Hallooo Rammstein Fans here on Tumblr. We have some good news for any of you who wants to start a Rammstein Blog. We are GIVING THIS BLOG AWAY to one lucky person. Yes you have heard it right we are GIVING IT AWAY! AwwYissRammstein already has 568 followers and still growing. We the Staff at AwwYissRammstein have come to terms that we individually are way to busy with our lives and other projects to even keep this blog going. We have agreed unanimously rather than delete this blog and all the hard work that went into it we would give it away to someone instead so that they can take over the blog and bring their own staff and administrators on board. We also just dont want to give this blog away to just anyone. We want someone who will love it and take care of it as we have. We want to give AwwYissRammstein away to one lucky Rammstein fan on here WITH THE ESTABLISHED FOLLOWERS! If you are interested message us here. We dont want to be forced to delete this blog so message us. Deadline for responses is Febuary 25th,2014.

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» A message from toothpastechunks:

Whats your favorite rammstein song and/or album? :3

Not sure about the other admins, but… as for me, (IRNotAmused) my favorite album is L.I.F.A.D. and song is Ich tu dir weh. :) 

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